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Belly Fat Diet My sudden and seemingly unachievable desire to fit into my pre-baby cocktail dresses for fast approaching parties and presentations was admittedly going to be a stretch to achieve. I also had this outrageous desire to attain awesome abs without having to shell out heaps of my hard earned cash, take 'fat burning' pills or supplements, buy weird and whacky exercise equipment or parade in public at the local gym.

Within this e-book I found a straight forward set of tips to get in the right mindset to become a healthier person. I got simple, smart nutritional advice that will stay with me for a lifetime and it has changed my view of food forever. I have never been a fan of junk food and I get quite irate when I see other parents not only eating it in front of their children, but sharing it with them. I found effective exercises that can be done at home, (we are lucky to have a good set of weights). It didn't come without a price; I did need to commit to making the effort to achieve my weight loss goals. However, I couldn't think of a better gift to give myself; a healthier, fitter, happier me.

I am the mother of a baby and as any mother knows, the most stubborn area that seems to hang on to that excess weight is your stomach. Traditionally, most people believe that they need to target the stomach area with crunches and sit ups. I learned that these can be quite detrimental as you can easily injure your back or neck if you do not use the correct technique. You can also bulk up your abdominal muscles beneath a fat layer causing your Belly Fat Diet to look even bigger. I used to do around 50 sit ups and a few hundred crunches per day and hadn't achieved that flat toned taught look like the models in the media, which is probably just as well, I'm fairly insufferable looking average.

Belly Fat Diet

So, is this a fairy tale? Did I become super slim or suddenly develop awesome abs on the belly fat diet in a couple of weeks? This is a story about reality… Come on, I look pretty good, but not miraculously so. I've had fast results and managed to slim down quite quickly and get into my pre-baby cocktail dresses and gain a lot of compliments. I am more toned overall from what was essentially a belly fat diet and I am very grateful to Mike Geary for writing his e-book and sharing his knowledge on this important topic. I receive lots of questions from people about ways to lose weight fast, so I would say so far, so good. Excess tummy fat puts us at risk of diabetes, heart disease and other serious health issues as does dangerous yo-yo dieting, so I guess slow and steady is not so bad after all.

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