The Best Belly Fat Diet

There is a secret to losing belly fat that most people don't even know. It's so simple yet so effective it will have you losing your belly fat faster than you ever thought possible without starvation or any crazy fad diet. It's called caloric balancing and it's the best belly fat diet I have ever used.

Belly Fat Diet

Simple, yet so effective, caloric balancing employs the principle of varying calories of carbohydrates, proteins and fats on varying days of the week as to keep your body 'guessing' about what is coming next and therefore accelerating your metabolism and shifting fat lose into overdrive.

Your body for the most part is a miracle of evolution. A lot has had to be overcome to get us where we are today. As far back as the Neanderthals we humans have been perfecting our survival techniques. As a result our bodies have had to adapt for many changes and challenges one of them being food or lack thereof.

When you starve yourself your body essentially shuts down because it does not know when the next meal is coming. As a result your metabolism slows down as well and fat loss is then brought to a stand still while your body begins to use muscle tissue for energy. In effect your body begins to cannibalize itself because it is doing whatever it can to survive. This is not a recommended approach to lose Belly Fat Diet.

To avoid this from happening you should feed your body healthy food anywhere from five to six times a day. But more importantly you should vary carbohydrate, protein and fat intake through out the days and weeks as well. Ideally you want to vary overall calories as well as the components of those calories.

For instance, Monday you would consume a total of 2000 calories and derive about 900 of those calories from carbs. On Tuesday you would consume a total of 1800 calories but reduce the amount of carbs to maybe 600 calories. Continuing to Wednesday you eat 1600 calories while reducing carbs to only 400 calories.

Here's the secret. Thursday you now ramp up the overall calories to 2200 and make 1100 of them from carbs. This rollercoaster or caloric varying not only keeps you feeling fit and strong but it also keeps your body from becoming accustomed to a specific caloric intake while avoiding starvation and burning muscle for energy. This will kick start your metabolism and you will begin to rid yourself of that unwanted Belly Fat Diet  faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

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